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Sermon Series: Luke’s Gospel

This February, we will revisit some teachings of Jesus Christ. What kind of people did Jesus call to follow Him? What is a genuine and true Christian? Through the Gospel of Luke., let us know the Lord Jesus better, so that we may love Him more and more. Note: 10/03/2019 will be Church AGM week.   […]

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Sermon Series: Christmas 2018

Join us as we follow the anticipation and coming of Jesus Christ this December in our Christmas sermon series. Date Passage Topic 02 DEC Isaiah 7:10-16 Immanuel 09 DEC Luke 1:26-38 Christmas Foretold 16 DEC Luke 1:39-45,46-55; Luke 2:36-40 Three Women at Christmas 23 DEC Luke 2:4-12 Christmas Expectation 25 DEC Luke 2:8-20 Celebrate Christmas! […]

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Sermon Series: Worship

Worship is more than just songs, movements, choirs and song leaders. It goes beyond the traditions and styles of worship. True worship is personal. It has to answer the fundamental question: Whom do you serve? The critical issue is whom you are worshipping and what does he mean to you? The Puritans understood this well. They […]

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