2015 Summer Sermon Series – Jacob | Genesis 25 – 35

In line with the preaching plan of our Chinese congregations, our English service will run through a series based on the life of Jacob, son of Isaac.

This will take us from January into March 2015. Have a read of Genesis 25 – 35 for the whole story, and check out some of the cool art which these stories have inspired below.

Brugghen – Esau Selling His Birthright (1627)

Horst – Isaac Blessing Jacob (1638)

Delacroix – Jacob Wrestling with the Angel (1861)

Doré – Jacob Wrestling with the Angel (1855)

Rembrandt_-_Jacob_Wrestling_with_the_Angel (1659)

Reubens – Reconciliation of Jacob and Esau (1624)

About the Author: Richard Chiu

Pastor Richard started his ministry at Lidcombe Anglican Church in 2013 after completing his studies at Sydney Missionary and Bible College. His main ministries focus on the English speaking congregation of our church.