Sermon Series: Church and Acts

Hi Everyone. Here’s the sermon plan that will see us through until the end of June.

We’ll be getting back into the Book of
Acts after we finish our series on Gospel-Centered Church.

God Bless!


Bible Backgrounds Acts

Bible Passage
English Sermon
English Speaker
03/Apr 1 Timothy 3:14-16 Priority of Community R. Chiu
10/Apr John 17:20-23 A Peruasive Community J. Thiem
17/Apr 1 Corinthians   14:20-25 A Welcoming Community R. Chiu
24/Apr Luke 5:27-32;    19:1-10 An Inclusive Community R. Chiu
01/May Romans 16:3-5;   10-11 A Multiplying Community R. Chiu
08/May 1 Corinthians     9:19-23 It’s All About The Gospel J. Thiem
15/May Acts 9:01-22 The Conversion of Paul R. Chiu
22/May Acts 9:23-31 The Inclusion of Paul R. Chiu
29/May Acts 9:32-43 Aeneas and Dorcas R. Chiu
05/Jun Acts 10:01-48 The Gospel to the Gentiles R. Chiu
12/Jun Acts 11:01-18 The Acceptance of Gentile Christians J. Thiem
19/Jun Acts 11:19-30 The “First Christians” R. Chiu
26/Jun Acts 12:01-25 Herod: Escape and Execution R. Chiu
03/Jul Acts 13:01-12 Paul and Barnabas Travel: None Bar Jesus R. Chiu


About the Author: Richard Chiu

Pastor Richard started his ministry at Lidcombe Anglican Church in 2013 after completing his studies at Sydney Missionary and Bible College. His main ministries focus on the English speaking congregation of our church.