Sermon Series: Worship

Worship is more than just songs, movements, choirs and song leaders.


It goes beyond the traditions and styles of worship. True worship is personal. It has to answer the fundamental question: Whom do you serve?

The critical issue is whom you are worshipping and what does he mean to you?

The Puritans understood this well. They always connect worship with true godliness.

Today, how do we live our lives before God? That’s true worship!


Join us over 4 weeks in November to think about what it means to worship Jesus.

Date Passage Topic
04/11/2018 Psalm 63:1-8 Soul Satisfaction
11/11/2018 Psalm 50:1-23 Worship in Truth
18/11/2018 Romans 12:1-8 Your Spiritual Worship
25/11/2018 Isaiah 6:1-11 Full of God’s Glory


About the Author: Richard Chiu

Pastor Richard started his ministry at Lidcombe Anglican Church in 2013 after completing his studies at Sydney Missionary and Bible College. His main ministries focus on the English speaking congregation of our church.