Lidcombe Anglican Easter 2016


Hi Everyone! This year we’ll have a total of 5 Easter services across our 3 congregations. All are welcome to join. Check our contact page for more information about how to find us. 今年复活节期间,我们教会三个堂会一共有五次聚会。 欢迎所有人参加。打开联系我们的页面,可以看到更多的信息。

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2015年7-9月-講台信息:〔耶利米書〕-我們若要明白耶利米書的內容,必須閱讀列王紀下21-25章,歷代志下33-36章的記載。耶利米書是從猶大國瑪拿西作王的時代開始.瑪拿西是一個離棄耶和華神拜偶像行邪作惡的君王。王下21: 3有這樣說:「他(瑪拿西)重新建築他父希西家所毀壞的丘壇,又為巴力築壇,做亞舍拉像,效法以色列王亞哈所行的,且敬拜侍奉天上的萬像」。當年他迷信拜偶像到一個地步竟然使自己兒子經火燒死。加上猶大國離棄真神引致社會腐敗,詩篇12:8有這樣描寫:「下流人在世人中升高,就有惡人到處遊行。」耶利米是大概在瑪拿西做王最後十年的時間出生。他的童年-少年-青年,都是生長在一個離棄耶和華神的時代裡。神又怎樣裝備耶利米叫他能活出信靠祂的生活?歡迎你邀請親友來聽時代不變的聖經舊約〔耶利米信息〕。一共十講,主要細看耶利米先知的為人,信心,工作,來幫助今天基督徒在一個不信的世代裡,怎樣起來跟隨主基督。

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2015 Anzac Memorial Service


You may have noticed that we’ve got many memorial stones on the walls around our church. These stones are there as a reminder to us of those who have died in military service. One which is particularly relevant and interesting as we approach the centenary of Anzac, is this one (picture below). While we all […]

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